Hamster Remote Control for Pocket PC (HamRcPpc)

HamRcPpc is a client for Hamster's "Remote Control server" (RC server, RECO server) that runs on Pocket PC. It allows you to check Hamster's current log file, start scripts and control Hamster's servers.

HamRcPpc is intended to be used with Hamster Classic, Hamster Playground, Hamster-Fr and Hamster-Ys, though not all flavours have been tested so far.


HamRcPpc requires .NET Compact Framework 1.0 to be installed on the device. The SP3 version is available at:


Be sure to choose the correct language and also check the System Requirements on this download page!


HamRcPpc.zip (Vr. 1.1, 2005-06-06, 20 KB)

HamRcPpcSrc.zip (C# source code, 25 KB)


Currently there is no setup program for HamRcPpc, so you manually have to copy "HamRcPpc.exe" onto your device and start it with file explorer.


The Connect page is used to connect to or disconnect from Hamster's "Remote Control server (RC/RECO)".

The Server field gives the name or IP of Hamster's RC server.

The Port field gives the port number of Hamster's RC server (23 by default).

The fields Username and Password are used to login into Hamster's RC server. If Save password is checked, the given password is saved in the configuration file (nearly clear text, only base64 encoded).

Press button [Connect] to establish the connection to Hamster and [Disconnect] to disconnect from it again.

Log file

The Log page shows the last lines of Hamster's current log file.

The Size field gives the number of KB to load from Hamster.

The Filter field allows you to filter the loaded lines, i. e. to only load and show those lines that contain the given text.

The context menu of the text area contains the following items:

Menu item «File-Log-Start new logfile» will force Hamster to close the current log file and start a new one.

Menu item «Refresh!» will reload and show the logfile with current selection.



The Scripts page shows all available scripts.

Menu item «File-Scripts-Start selected script» will start the currently selected script.

Menu item «File-Scripts-Stop all scripts» will stop all running scripts.

Menu item «Refresh!» will load and show all scripts.


The Server page allows you to control Hamster's servers:

Button [Start] will start a stopped server, [Stop] will stop a running server and [Restart] will stop a running server and immediately start it again.

Menu item «Refresh!» will load current state of all servers. Running servers are shown green, stopped servers are shown red.

Copyright (c) 2005 by Juergen Haible, www.elbiah.de