How to ... feed newsgroups to/from other news servers?

Required and recommended settings

To exchange news messages between newsservers, you have to make sure that the following settings are properly set:

To turn off Hamsters ability to also act like a newsreader (i. e. pulling groups from or posting articles to other news servers), the following settings are recommended:

Feed from Hamster to other servers

Feeding groups to other servers requires script command HamNewsJobsFeed, e. g.:

HamNewsJobsFeed( "", "^hamster\..*" )
HamNewsJobsFeed( "", "^de\..*" )
HamNewsJobsFeed( "server.two.example", "^hamster\.en\..*" )

You can start such a script either manually when needed (e. g. to update a backup Hamster), periodically with the scheduler (recommended) or when an appropriate action takes place.


Feed from other servers to Hamster

Feeding messages to Hamster requires an account with an activated option "User may use feed commands (IHAVE et. al.)".

If sending server supports it, it is strongly recommended to use authentication, i. e. assign a password for the account.

Otherwise you can configure the account as "auto-login" by assigning it the password "*" (a single star without the quotes). To not open your server for everyone this way, be sure to have very strict settings in file "IP Access", that is also needed to assign the peer account to an incoming connection.


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