MyFsTools - Locator

The "Locator" window lists nearby airports, NAV aids, cities, mountains and lakes and guides you to a wanted place. By double-clicking an item in the list, you can also open a "Guide" window for this location from here.


If you enter some text, the list will only show places which contain the given text in their name.

This filter can be used to locate places that are currently too far away to be shown in the list or to only show specific types of locations like places containing "Mountain".

Tip: Enter "apt" to list all nearby airports, enter "apt-ils" to list all nearby airports with ILS.

Angle ...

If a value below 180 is given, the list will only contain items that are located within the given number of degrees to the left or to the right of aircraft's current heading.

A (airports), N (NAV aids), C (cities), M (mountains), W (water related), S (spot feature)

With the checkboxes you can select the types of locations to be listed, i. e. only the marked types are listed.

Arrow button

If you press this button, the upper part of the screen expands to access additional items.

Refresh every ... ms

If checked, the list is updated in the given interval based on aircraft's current position and heading.

Item/picture height ... pixel

This value gives the height of the items in the list. Just increase it to get a larger graphic or reduce it to see more items in the list.

Max. no. of items to list

This value gives the number of most nearest items to be listed.


All items in the list are shown with an arrow which points to it - just follow the arrow to get there.

First line of text shows the name of the location.

Second line shows the distance (nautical miles and kilometers), the course towards location (magnetic heading) and a comment (e. g. country or type of location).

If you double-click a location in the list, that location is shown in a separate "Guide" window.

Copyright (c) 2004-2006 by Juergen Haible,