MyFsTools - Guide

A "Guide" window shows one location in detail. Such "Guide" windows can be opened by double-clicking locations in the "Locator" window.


The large red arrow shows the relative direction towards the selected location. If you select a runway on the right side, the graphics turns into an ILS like display (see below for details).

A light blue arrow shows the relative direction of wind, its speed is shown in the lower left corner.


Shows the name and elevation (in feet and meters) of the selected location.

Tip: You can open the "Locator" window by double-clicking on this title line.


Shows the distance in nautical miles.


Shows the course required to get to the selected location.


Shows the time required to get to the selected location based on current distance and ground speed.

3 path

If the location has elevation information (shown in Title), this value shows the difference between current altitude of plane and the 3 degree glide path to the location.


If the location is an airport with runway information, you can additionally select one of the listed runways to get an ILS like display:

As in above default view, the arrow shows the direction towards runway. The yellow line shows the current alignment for this runway. The orange line shows the relative altitude of the plane compared to a calculated 3 glide path.

Tip: If you select a runway with ILS info, you can click on the "Runway:" label to set NAV1 frequency and OBS in Flight Simulator.

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